This past weekend, Brian and I flew to Cleveland to visit his dad and stepmom. We got in Friday morning and went straight to the museum after dropping off our stuff. The Cleveland Museum of Art is one of the best museums I've visited in awhile. It's huge and has some great collections! I loved the art and their atrium.

In the afternoon, we got coffee at Pour Cleveland and caught up with one of Brian's old childhood friends.

Saturday morning, we started bright and early at West Side Market. They have lots of meats, veggies, spices, coffee, and other shops in this old building. Super cool.

A lot of the shop employees were also super photogenic. I wish I could have captured them all on camera, but it's so busy in the market that it's hard to get a clear shot of anyone! People are squeezing by all the time.

Outside of West Side Market, there was a group of people protesting dog & cat meat. I felt a little embarrassed to take the photo and tried to keep my head down in case they judged me for being Asian. It didn't help that Brian's stepmom laughed and said, "Do you think they're talking to us?" But that's a cultural conversation for another time.

We ate brunch at Townhall, a really great restaurant with healthy options. I wish we had one in Dallas. Their breakfast and juices are no joke. Get the Full Monty (beet hash, brûléed thick-cut bacon, sweet potato purée, poached egg, and caramelized Brussels sprouts).

Ran into this group on our way back from brunch. West Side is super busy!

Then we went to Brecksville Reservation to walk around a bit. I took some photos for Just Porter, an awesome backpack company that I've been working with. They go beyond giving back 1-for-1 when you purchase a backpack from them. Check them out to learn more!

Stylish Brian goes stylish hiking

Stylish Brian goes stylish hiking

I also needed to model my Granola hat. I was never one for bright colors, but I love this hat.

First attempt at a jumping shot went very, very wrong. Or did it go very, very right, Brian...?


Then we drove 2 hours to Columbus to visit Brian's aunt and the newest addition to the family: Brooklyn! She is SO adorable! I miss her already.

Not much happened Sunday since almost everything was closed for Easter. We ate brunch, visited the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum, and then just took it easy before our flight back. It was a much needed, relaxing weekend overall.