Where to Find Matcha in Dallas

I think I've posted about matcha frequently enough to warrant compiling a list of my favorite places to get matcha in Dallas (including ice cream)! As I mentioned in this post, matcha has a lot of health benefits, and I prefer it over coffee when I don't want to feel jittery. If you don't know matcha-bout the green tea scene, keep reading! 


1605 N Beckley Ave, Dallas, TX 75203

This is where I go most frequently when I need a matcha fix! I love watching them whisk the matcha right in front of you. I normally get a hot matcha latte with their almond milk that's pressed in-house. Honestly, this is my #1 spot for the perfect matcha latte because it has the strongest matcha essence out of any other shop I've been to.


3700 McKinney Ave #108, Dallas, TX 75204

Brewed + Pressed is 100% organic and plant-based, so there is no dairy here. Their matcha is unsweetened, but you can add agave or honey if you want. As for milk options, I love their almond milk or pumpkin seed milk (it tastes nothing like pumpkin and even almost tastes like dairy)!


2727 N Harwood St, P2, Dallas, TX 75201

Magnolias is another great spot for matcha lattes! I love sipping on a big ol' mug of hot matcha latte here while getting work done.


3699 McKinney Ave #306, Dallas, TX 75204

Pōk's matcha is actually my second favorite in Dallas. It's authentic, comes unsweetened (you can add sweetener), and I love the many ways you can get your matcha here: hot or iced with macadamia, coconut, or almond milk! You can also get it straight up ceremonial style or combined with lemonade, or lemon, ginger, and mint.


3800 McKinney Ave #180, Dallas, TX 75204

Sip | Stir Cafe is another great spot for matcha. You can get it unsweetened or sweetened also. I don't come here much for coffee, but it's a great spot for matcha nearby!


5420 Ross Ave #160, Dallas, TX 75206

DONUT ICE CREAM SANDWICH. I came to try the matcha ice cream just for this post! The first time I came to Milk & Cream, I got the glazed donut sandwich with lavender ice cream and thought everything was way too sweet. I still think that's true, but when I tried it with the matcha, the slight bitterness of the matcha flavor and almond toppings really balanced out the sweetness of the donut. I would definitely come back for this combo.


100 Legacy Dr #110, Plano, TX 75023

Matcha Love is super impressive for all your matcha drink and dessert needs! They have matcha lattes, ceremonial matcha, a variety of canned matcha green tea drinks, and best of all... matcha ice cream! My favorite flavor is the hojicha (roasted green tea)!


581 W Campbell Rd #127, Richardson, TX 75080

Sweet Daze is an impressive and Instagram-worthy dessert bar right outside of Dallas! Their matcha lattes are on the sweeter side, of course. Make sure you stop by for their artisan donuts and soft-serve too!


2646 Elm St, Dallas, TX 75226

It's always fun watching rolled ice cream being made! I love that the matcha here isn't too sweet, and the little pieces of mochi on top are a nice addition. Just a warning, the ice cream takes awhile to make, so the line can get long. Honestly, it's not worth a ridiculous wait time, so if the line is super long, try another time or day!

And of course, there are a million boba tea shops with matcha, but I don't feel like they are of the highest quality. At least in my experience, they've all left a bad aftertaste in my mouth. But if you know of any quality places, let me know!

Mexico City 2017

On Memorial Day weekend, Marie and I took a trip to Mexico City! When we were looking up food, coffee shops, and other popular places, it seemed that our map pins kept landing in the Roma Norte area. We actually ended up staying at an Airbnb in Roma Norte, which was so convenient! We had a sky high view of the city and mountains (and lightning storms), and below us were amazing restaurants and a never-ending nightlife. 

Anyway, below is a semi-organized guide to our long weekend!

Our Airbnb view! Taken on iPhone 7 Plus with the OOWA 15mm wide-angle lens

Our Airbnb view! Taken on iPhone 7 Plus with the OOWA 15mm wide-angle lens


We opted to walk a lot (any destination 30 minutes or less), which was an amazing way to see the city! We ran into so many coffee shops and scenes that we hadn't come across in our research. For example, this little cafe called Breakfast was so cute! And empty, just for us! When we went back the next day, it was packed! Mexico City definitely has a brunch culture in this area.

Another thing that amazed me were all the parks, trees, and plants in the city. They're doing a great job going green! Many buildings not only have shrubbery all around them but also have grass/plants growing on the walls and CEILINGS! 

You would never know we were actually surrounded by cars on all sides!

You would never know we were actually surrounded by cars on all sides!

Plaza Jardin Hidalgo

Plaza Jardin Hidalgo

Taken with the OOWA telephoto lens

Taken with the OOWA telephoto lens



There are so many cute alleyway coffee shops, I died. The first one we went to was Chiquitito. They were one of the only ones that has rice milk (Marie's fav!), which is a delicious non-dairy addition to your coffee! 

Quentin is also another cozy shop where we just sat and chatted for a couple of hours. I loved the music and atmosphere, but the iced lattes here are tiny!

Dosis was definitely a favorite! Although I appreciated the smaller cafes, the open space and corner hammock here were perfection. Also, they have the biggest iced lattes I've ever seen, but I definitely had to leave it unfinished because I can't handle that much milk!

iced latte
5 estrella


Puntarena (formerly known as Padrinos) was so impressive! The wall is about 5 stories tall, and they opened up the ceiling to let the sunlight in while we were eating. It was such a sight to behold! They also provide portable chargers for us wary, juiceless travelers. 

El Moro is a popular churro spot that was highly recommended to us by several people! We actually went to the spot in downtown (open 24/7), but the line was so long we decided to head back to Roma Norte and get some there instead. I'm glad we did because it's SO much cuter there haha! I can't speak to the churros though because I'm not a fan of desserts, so I thought it was ok, buuuut... everyone loves it!

Maque is another spot that was pretty empty during one of our morning strolls. We were like, meh, but they had tons of bread, so we noted it for later. Well, silly us. We went twice, and both times were pretty crowded! It's a very popular spot for tourists too. Their pastries were heavenly!! I highly recommend this place for their fresh pastries.


I didn't get any photos at La Buena Barra, but it's a must for fine-dining! They push around whole carts of whiskey, gin, and mezcal! When you choose your cocktail, they make it right in front of you! The menu is also delicious! 



Of course we had to hit up all the amazing sights in Mexico City! We started off with Biblioteca Vasconcelos, the most amazing library I've ever seen! We had to sign up at a reception desk to get permission for photos. Super easy to do.

biblioteca vasconcelos
biblioteca vasconcelos

Next was the Museo Soumaya, another impressive structure! 

Taken on iPhone 7 Plus with the OOWA 15mm wide-angle lens

Taken on iPhone 7 Plus with the OOWA 15mm wide-angle lens

Chapultepec Castle was a small trek after getting to the entrance of the park, but it had some amazing views! It was so crowded that it was rare to get an empty shot.

The Pyramid of the Sun in Teotihuacan was super hot, and the line took awhile, but it was worth it for the views and standing on a freakin pyramid. 

Taken with the OOWA telephoto lens

Taken with the OOWA telephoto lens

Taken on iPhone 7 Plus with the OOWA 15mm wide-angle lens

Taken on iPhone 7 Plus with the OOWA 15mm wide-angle lens

Overall, it was such an amazing trip. I really did fall in love with Mexico City! And for a short 2.5 hour flight... I know I'll be going back.

PS - my camera battery died by the end of the trip, but I luckily had my OOWA lenses. I want to thank OOWA lens for gifting me their pro kit for the iPhone 7 to make some of these amazing photos possible! I do want to note that the lenses are better on the iPhone 6 and have not yet been perfected for the iPhone 7, causing a yellow temperature for the wide angle lens and blurry edges for the telephoto lens. Just a note!