Where to Work: Top 5 Dallas Coffee Shops

As many of you may know, I work full-time as an IT developer. What? You didn't know I'm not a full-time Instagrammer? 

My work schedule allows me to work from home twice a week, so it's easy to get cabin fever. A lot of my mornings are spent working from coffee shops, and then I go home for the other half of the day (or vice versa). After a few months, I've realized some spots are definitely better than others, especially for long-term working instead of just popping in for a conversation. I've compiled a list for those who are interested!

Note: These are just my opinions, and my experiences have heavily influenced why these specific coffee shops are on the list.

#1 - Oak Lawn Coffee

Address: 2720 Oak Lawn Ave A, Dallas, TX 75219
Pros: Variety of drinks, plenty of outlets, comfortable seats/sofas, large window view
Cons: Can get crowded, loud music (if you have phone calls to take)
Comfort level: 4/5

You might think I'm biased because I live so close to Oak Lawn Coffee, but I actually prefer to drive to this coffee shop than to walk the few 100 yards to Ascension Coffee. It's my most frequented spot for working remotely!

Oak Lawn Coffee can get crowded by mid-morning, but if you come early enough, you'll get a spot. Outlets are aplenty here, so no worries about where to sit. The employees are some of the nicest I've ever come across too! I also love the large windows in the front because it gives me something to look at when I need a break from the screen.

I love their standard espresso drinks, but if I feel like treating myself, I get the frozen latte (it's like a frappuccino) or the shaken espresso (lots of half-and-half so it's pretty sweet)! They also serve Tacodeli in the mornings. YUM. 

#2 - Houndstooth (Henderson Ave)

Address: 1900 N Henderson Ave, Dallas, TX 75206
Pros: Ambiance, music
Cons: No AC outlets except corner of shop
Comfort level: 3/5

This is the first Houndstooth in Dallas and a gorgeous space, but the only outlets are in a corner. When I'm here, I like to sit at the raised seating area (great for people watching haha). On nice days, the back patio is great too! The front patio is more for conversation since it's right by the street. However, the seating can get uncomfortable at the stools & tables.

Ooh, they also serve Tacodeli here.

#3 - Houndstooth (Sylvan | Thirty)

Address: 1878 Sylvan Ave e150, Dallas, TX 75208
Pros: Aesthetic, music, variety of seating (tables, benches, countertop)
Cons: No AC outlets inside
Comfort level: 3/5

This is Houndstooth's second Dallas location and another gorgeous space. The only negative is that it doesn't have any traditional AC outlets inside the shop. They only have USB outlets, so come with your laptops fully powered! I normally work here in the mornings and then leave by lunch. Tacodeli is also next door... wow, I'm starting to see a pattern here. Is this turning into a Tacodeli list?

Like the other Houndstooth, the tabletop seating can get uncomfortable after awhile since you're on a stool for hours, but you can always move to the bench area or the 2-person tables with regular chairs. The patios on either side of the shop are also comfortable.

PS - I've put this coffee shop above some others even though it doesn't have OUTLETS... so that's saying something.

#4 - Magnolias Sous Le Pont

Address: 2727 N Harwood St, P2, Dallas, TX 75201
Pros: Matcha lattes, plenty of tables, comfortable seating
Cons: Dark inside, limited street parking (but read more for where to park!)
Comfort level: 5/5

I've only recently started working here, but I've realized it's a great place to get work done! It's a bit dark inside, but it's beautiful when they open the patio doors. I didn't have any issues finding an outlet, and the chairs and tables are the most comfortable I've found at a coffee shop. It's also the only place out of this list that serves matcha lattes! I'll be coming back here more when I want to mix up my spots. It's just a bit hard to find parking on the street.

UPDATE: Magnolias was kind enough to let me know that there is additional parking if you cannot find street parking! "Hectic street parking is a common misconception due to lack of signage. If street parking is full, you can go to the entrance to the parking garage located next to the loading bay to the left of the front street entrance, you can be buzzed in and park anywhere besides reserved parking. Since we are tenants of the building, our customers are tenants too!"

#5 - Mudsmith

Address: 2114 Greenville Ave, Dallas, TX 75206
Pros: Plenty of table space and outlets
Cons: Can get crowded, chairs make the most hair-raising screech against the floor
Comfort level: 3/5

Mudsmith is another great place to get work done because of all the outlets at the communal tables. It gets crowded, but once you set up camp, you can really work away for however long you need. I only mention this because other coffeeshops make you aware of how long you've been hanging around, but it just seems expected here.

One huge con: just thinking about the way their chairs screech on the floor is giving me goosebumps as I type this. It's my last resort for a spot to get things done, but it's up there.

Going through this list, I realized that the most photogenic coffee shops are actually NOT the ones where I prefer to get work done! I've probably taken the most photos at Local Press + Brew and Davis Street Espresso, but they're definitely more for a casual hangouts and conversation (especially since Davis Street Espresso doesn't have internet).

I hope this list helps you the next time you look for somewhere to work! Let me know your thoughts!