Where to Find Matcha in Dallas

I think I've posted about matcha frequently enough to warrant compiling a list of my favorite places to get matcha in Dallas (including ice cream)! As I mentioned in this post, matcha has a lot of health benefits, and I prefer it over coffee when I don't want to feel jittery. If you don't know matcha-bout the green tea scene, keep reading! 


1605 N Beckley Ave, Dallas, TX 75203

This is where I go most frequently when I need a matcha fix! I love watching them whisk the matcha right in front of you. I normally get a hot matcha latte with their almond milk that's pressed in-house. Honestly, this is my #1 spot for the perfect matcha latte because it has the strongest matcha essence out of any other shop I've been to.


3700 McKinney Ave #108, Dallas, TX 75204

Brewed + Pressed is 100% organic and plant-based, so there is no dairy here. Their matcha is unsweetened, but you can add agave or honey if you want. As for milk options, I love their almond milk or pumpkin seed milk (it tastes nothing like pumpkin and even almost tastes like dairy)!


2727 N Harwood St, P2, Dallas, TX 75201

Magnolias is another great spot for matcha lattes! I love sipping on a big ol' mug of hot matcha latte here while getting work done.


3699 McKinney Ave #306, Dallas, TX 75204

Pōk's matcha is actually my second favorite in Dallas. It's authentic, comes unsweetened (you can add sweetener), and I love the many ways you can get your matcha here: hot or iced with macadamia, coconut, or almond milk! You can also get it straight up ceremonial style or combined with lemonade, or lemon, ginger, and mint.


3800 McKinney Ave #180, Dallas, TX 75204

Sip | Stir Cafe is another great spot for matcha. You can get it unsweetened or sweetened also. I don't come here much for coffee, but it's a great spot for matcha nearby!


5420 Ross Ave #160, Dallas, TX 75206

DONUT ICE CREAM SANDWICH. I came to try the matcha ice cream just for this post! The first time I came to Milk & Cream, I got the glazed donut sandwich with lavender ice cream and thought everything was way too sweet. I still think that's true, but when I tried it with the matcha, the slight bitterness of the matcha flavor and almond toppings really balanced out the sweetness of the donut. I would definitely come back for this combo.


100 Legacy Dr #110, Plano, TX 75023

Matcha Love is super impressive for all your matcha drink and dessert needs! They have matcha lattes, ceremonial matcha, a variety of canned matcha green tea drinks, and best of all... matcha ice cream! My favorite flavor is the hojicha (roasted green tea)!


581 W Campbell Rd #127, Richardson, TX 75080

Sweet Daze is an impressive and Instagram-worthy dessert bar right outside of Dallas! Their matcha lattes are on the sweeter side, of course. Make sure you stop by for their artisan donuts and soft-serve too!


2646 Elm St, Dallas, TX 75226

It's always fun watching rolled ice cream being made! I love that the matcha here isn't too sweet, and the little pieces of mochi on top are a nice addition. Just a warning, the ice cream takes awhile to make, so the line can get long. Honestly, it's not worth a ridiculous wait time, so if the line is super long, try another time or day!

And of course, there are a million boba tea shops with matcha, but I don't feel like they are of the highest quality. At least in my experience, they've all left a bad aftertaste in my mouth. But if you know of any quality places, let me know!