Permanent Makeup: Tashi Brow Studio Review

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Tashi Brow Studio. The opinions and text are all mine.

In early June, I got my eyebrows tattooed... And I am in LOVE. But first, a little bit about this "permanent" makeup - it's actually not permanent but has to be labeled as such in the industry. It actually lasts 2 years depending on skin type, age, and environmental factors. 

Microblading vs Ombre Powder-Fill

I originally went in to Tashi Brow Studio for a microblading consultation. Seung is a very talented permanent makeup artist who attends conventions and classes to stay up-to-date with industry standards, so I trusted her completely. She told me that the ombre powder-fill technique would be better for my skin type and needs since I did not need the individual hair strokes that microblading creates. An ombre powder-fill simulates makeup rather than hair strokes. I always used Anastasia brow dip, and that's exactly the look it achieves. Of course, you can always combine the two techniques to get hair strokes + a filled in brow look if that's what you need!

After finding my undertone, taking photos to analyze my face shape, and determining my skin type, she booked me for 3 months later (yes, she's booked that long in advance)! 

Fast forward to June, and I was back in the office with Seung! From my very first meeting with Seung during the consultation, I felt confident that she would give me the look I wanted. She spent about 15 minutes measuring my face and eyebrows to draw on the perfect shape for me. I honestly did not give any input - she said she liked my natural shape and would follow along that outline. And then I was under the needle!

Before (with hair grown out) and after

The tattooing process took under 1.5 hours. The entire time, it felt like a razor that was rubbing against the grain (but not even THAT painful)! Compared to a body tattoo, it's probably a zero on a pain scale of 1 to 10, ha! We opted to not use numbing cream until she had to change the angle of the needle since numbing cream can impede the healing process.

In the end, I had perfectly shaped brows... seriously, they are exactly how I would normally fill them in (except cleaner), and I didn't even give Seung any of my opinions! I highly, highly recommend her to anyone. She has an amazing eye for what suits your face!

Here are some photos of my healing process (ointment, scabs, and all):

Initial session:  From week 1 to final healed brows (lighter and thinner than I usually like)

Initial session: From week 1 to final healed brows (lighter and thinner than I usually like)

1st Touchup:  Retouch original color + add thicker shape

1st Touchup: Retouch original color + add thicker shape

In the end, I had 3 touch-ups for the following reasons:

1) On my initial session, Seung stayed inside my hair lines for a natural shape. She also didn't tattoo as deep because she wanted to see how my skin would do with the needle and ink. It healed well, but the result was thinner and lighter than I wanted since I normally fill in my eyebrows for a thicker look. So for the first touch-up, she went bigger, darker, and deeper.
2) The second touch-up was to touch up the bigger shape. Since the first touch-up made the original ink darker, she had to even it out more on the outer edges.
3) The last touch-up was to seal the deal for all my sessions. I'm supposed to go back in a year to see how the color is doing! Eeek!

Makeup vs permanent makeup (Tashi wins):