Riviera Spa Review

I’ve partnered with Riviera Spa to bring you this post. All opinions remain my own.

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4514 TRAVIS ST #105, DALLAS, TX 75205

I recently had the honor of trying out a trio premier service at Riviera Spa Dallas! The services included a mani/pedi combo, massage, and facial. It was such a luxurious experience, and their staff treats you so well! I always felt attended to.

When I first arrived at the Travis Walk complex where they’re located, there was barely any street parking. Fortunately, there's free garage parking if you are a visitor at any of the Travis Walk shops. From there, you can take the elevator or stairs up to Riviera Spa. When you walk in, you're greeted by friendly faces and your choice of water, wine, champagne, or tea. If you need to wait for your appointment, they take you back to the relaxation room with comfortable chairs and couches. It's quite dark back there, but it really helps you wind down.

Ultimate Pedicure / Ultimate Manicure

I went in for a mani/pedi combo, and it was perfect timing because they were offering their monthly special: Lavender Champagne Pedicure. The soak, foot masque, and massage was sooo good, and, of course, they offered their signature lavender champagne during the service. Definitely check out what monthly specials they have going on!

nail design.jpg

As for the manicure - wow, I'm SO in love with the design of my nails! I showed the nail technician a concept I wanted, and she took it from there even though she didn't normally do designs. She also took the time to carefully remove my previous gel manicure instead of hastily scraping the top layer of my nails. Another thing I loved is that she noticed I was cold and asked someone to grab a blanket for me! Even their huge fuzzy blankets felt luxurious.

Signature Wellness Massage

My massage was scheduled on a Monday, which is the perfect way to cure the Monday blues. The masseuse made sure I was comfortable by asking about how much pressure I like and whether I wanted a heating pad. The table also heats up as well! We could also choose our lotion scent. Out of lavender, eucalyptus, and almond, I chose eucalyptus for a fresh smell! Afterward, as with every service, I was offered another beverage of my choice. Super relaxing!

Eminence Organic Facial

I had no idea facials could be so therapeutic. My face was lathered with creams, exfoliants, and hot towels. There's also a mini-massage for your scalp, back, and arms. Ooooh I felt so refreshed! And I love that the facial is very specific to any skin concerns you have and what the esthetician notices about you. He gave me very good feedback on my skin and whatever concerns I had. At the end, he also recommended products tailored to my preferences and needs. I even got to take home some sample face creams and exfoliant! 

If you're looking to treat yourself at a Dallas spa, I highly recommend Riviera Spa. I was so impressed at everyone's professionalism and the extra mile they go to accommodate you.