2017 Recap with Michelob ULTRA

2017 was such a big year! I traveled a lot just from my blogging opportunities, and Michelob ULTRA was one of my favorite partnerships of the year. I officially became an ambassador for Michelob ULTRA last March. It was an amazing partnership that really vibed with my definition of balance when it comes to fitness and fun! Here is what the partnership consisted of:

New York City

Michelob ULTRA flew all 18 nationwide ambassadors to New York for a kick-off event that consisted of SoulCycle, brunch, yoga/bootcamp, and a cool-down happy hour. I loved meeting everyone in this partnership, and it really showed how Michelob ULTRA loves to go all out when they host their fitness events!


Workout Wednesday

On Michelob ULTRA's Instagram stories, they feature "Workout Wednesdays" in which ambassadors show their workouts of the day and how they spend time with friends and family. It was so fun to be a part of this because I got to show "a day in the life": I work full-time, make time to work out, and also hang out with friends after. It was also inspiring seeing all the other workouts ambassadors do and how they find a balance between that and quality time with their loved ones!

Silent Disco Yoga

In the summer, Dallas Fitness Ambassadors hosted a Silent Disco Yoga: Michelob ULTRA edition. The concept is so cool - you put on headphones to hear the instructor while music plays. To outsiders, it's a huge group of people doing yoga in silence! Afterward, there were free drinks at a Michelob ULTRA bar and a Michelob ULTRA photobooth!


US Open of Surfing

I think one of the coolest events was the US Open of Surfing! We got to take a surfing class (my first time ever), and then watched the surfing events from the ULTRA Surf Deck! There was also a yoga class on the beach hosted by Mellie Cay and a fun Fit Crawl outside of the deck!


Michelob ULTRA also has this amazing Anti-Resolution campaign that means ditching the New Year's Resolution mindset and committing to your goals no matter what day of the year. This really resonated with me because I don't believe in setting a start date in the future if you can commit to something in the present. A few ambassadors got to make really cool anti-resolution videos, writing out what resolution they're already actively living today!

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There were so many other cool events I wish I had time to attend, like Fitness on the Rocks in Colorado or the Miami Vixen Workout in Florida! Overall, there were over 20 nationwide events in the Live ULTRA series last year! I'm so proud to partner with such a fun brand, and I can't wait to attend more events in the future!