Dallas engagement

Jupin & Resham's Engagement

When Jupin asked me to shoot her and Resham’s engagement session, she said she wanted a sunset shoot in traditional Indian outfits with props. I had no idea what this would entail, but everything turned out beautifully! Shout out to her entire family for helping with the shoot, with everyone directing, styling, and lugging heavy props back and forth through grass burs. We were definitely chasing light by the end of it since we couldn’t bring the props down to the main preserve and had to wing it, but everyone made it work!


Nancy & Long's Proposal

This is the cutest proposal ever put together by Nancy's fiance, Long, and Nancy's best friends, Giao and Ashley! They planned on having me do a photoshoot with the girls to build my portrait portfolio, and at the end, Long would surprise Nancy by proposing.

A few weeks ago, I posted to my Instagram story about photoshoots so that Giao could message me to carry on a fake conversation about group portraits. She then "recruited" Ashley and Nancy to be part of the photo session.


The plan was to take group and individual portraits along Lakeside Park...So far so good!

Not Long now...

Not Long now...

We were ALL so nervous because there were so many people on the bridge. It took much longer than predicted to do the individual portraits on the bridge (we did it twice because the crowd came back again).

The big moment!! I had to wave bystanders away from the background as Long proposed because they just stood at the end of the bridge watching the whole scene! 

Busting out the props Giao and Ashley made!

Busting out the props Giao and Ashley made!

Giao and Ashley brought along so many props for the shoot, some of which they handmade! 

Doesn't Nancy have the best people in her life?! Congratulations Nancy & Long! I was so happy to be a part of this! And so was Brian, my assistant for the day :)