San Francisco 2017

This past weekend, I went to San Francisco to meet up with Nanette and Joanne! I met Nanette in college when I visited SF for a convention (we're in the same sorority) and Joanne through Instagram! I'm so happy I got to spend quality time with 2 women I respect and admire, and I also got to meet up with old/new friends and my cousin too! Here's a recap of the weekend:

China Live Opening Party

As soon as I flew in, I met up with Nanette for the China Live opening party. We feasted on dumplings, wontons, gua bao, beef noodle soup, and more! At first, I was freaking out about being in sweatpants and a hoodie, but it was so crowded no one even looked twice. I also got to check in my luggage, so many thanks to China Live for hosting such an accommodating and awesome opening party! 

Pier 2620 Hotel

Hold on, I need to talk about my hotel in Fisherman's Wharf. The corner of the room had PERFECT DECOR and was one of the main reasons I booked it. Room inspo! I actually booked Pier 2620 through a collaboration with HotelTonight, an app that is perfect for last-minute hotel bookings (up to a week in advance) at a great price. In retrospect, the location probably wasn't ideal for me since it was so far north of where I explored all weekend, but it's great if you're wanting to be in Fisherman's Wharf. 

PS - Use the code KARLAO to get $25 off your first $135+ HotelTonight booking! 

Napa Valley

The next morning, Joanne drove us to Napa Valley for wine tasting and sightseeing. I'm so glad I went with a pro! We went to VGS Chateau Potelle for food & wine pairing, stopped by Long Meadow Ranch for a little bit more wine and food at Farmstead, got dessert at Bouchon and Kollar Chocolates, and then ended with more wine at Ma(i)sonry. Overall, a fun day of bonding with my girls! 

There was someone sleeping on the left side of the table... check out my photo cropping skills though.

There was someone sleeping on the left side of the table... check out my photo cropping skills though.

Exploring SF

The next day, I spent all morning with Nanette before heading to Joanne's Passion X Purpose event. We started at Cafe Réveille for some amazing coffee and food, then walked to SFMOMA, got lunch, and then finally arrived at Sweetgreen to reunite with Joanne.

What everyone has been going to the SFMOMA for: Cloud Cities.

The Passion X Purpose: Bay Area Boss Moms talk was so inspiring! I loved listening to strong women talk about their views on health and motherhood. Below are Katie Hintz-Zambrano of Mother Mag, Shahidah Zareef of Boss Mom Nation, and Joanne Encarnacion of GOFITJO. Makes me wonder if I should put something together for women and passion projects in Dallas. Hmmm... 

Later that night, I met up with my college friend Andrew who was in town for a GDC 2017! Then I went home to pass out like an old lady because the next morning was coffee with Jeffrey, Anson, Jimmy, (and I also got to meet Eza and Cam)! Then straight to lunch with my cousin Brandon and his girlfriend Robin before taking off. My heart is full!

In love with Eza's style!

In love with Eza's style!

PS - I also came home to great news: I got a promotion at work and am now a Senior Developer! Proud to be representing women in technology, and I can't imagine a better end to my birthday month.