SXSW 2016

I recently teamed up with Mazda to cover the last 3 days of their SXSW events on my Instagram. I wish I could have done it for the entire week, but I only have so much PTO! It was such a great, event-filled weekend. I definitely needed coffee 3x a day, and I think I exclusively refueled at Wright Bros. Brew & Brew, which is conveniently located across Hype Hotel.

They booked me at the Westin downtown, which was amazingly convenient. I could not have been happier! 10 minute walk from Hype Hotel, with a Mazda Express shuttle stop to wherever you want within 3 miles of SXSW. They had these shuttle stops all over SXSW, so it was really convenient to get around. All you had to do was sign up online or the Mazda Lounge and pick up a Mazda Express wristband there.

I covered Hype Hotel my first day there, but of course had to come back that night for more amazing shows like SBTRKT. The VIP section was great, but getting on the floor with the crowd is always fun too!

Louis the Child

Louis the Child





Louis the Child was super fun to listen to. Gallant was ahmaaaazing - cannot say enough good things about him. Poliça was also great! I didn't realize Channy was so cute.

Afterward, I stopped by Spotify House with Chris, and then we met up Dusel who pedicabbed us to Yellow Jacket Social Club for a quick beer.

It sucked that the weather turned really cold/windy the rest of the weekend, but at least there were no major storms. The next morning, I went to the Outdoor Stage for some more music/photos. 

By the time I got back to the convention center to meet some friends, it seemed like SXSW was already shutting down! Maybe I just didn't know where to look this year, but 6th street didn't have much left to see. We stayed on 6th that night, and as Drake says, "you know how that shit goes." 

5 hours later on Sunday morning, I was meeting up Jane and Hans at Elizabeth Street Cafe. We talked about social media woes LOL. Thanks for listening to us, Hans. I'm so glad this breakfast happened because I'd been wanting to meet Jane for the longest time since we started following each other on Instagram :) She's the sweetest and the cutest food blogger I know. 

I'm so glad I got to do what I love while having fun and meeting up most of the people that I wanted to see. Such an amazing opportunity. Until next time!! 

Lan's Graduation Photos

The drive to Austin this past Friday was TOUGH (thanks for driving, Brian!) due to all the hail, severe thunderstorms, and tornado watches. We basically drove right into the storm as it was passing... but we ended up in Austin on a beautiful weekend! Lan couldn't have picked a better weekend for her photos!

There were minor hiccups with the main tower being occupied and me getting bit countless times by mosquitoes, but it was worth it! Take a look at some of my favorite photos from Lan's graduation photo shoot:

Congratulations, lovely!!